Our actions toward
a sustainable future

Our promise to future generations: we will be part of the solution, taking urgent actions now to co-create a brighter future for everyone, everywhere. A future where access to energy and digital are basic human rights. We’ll align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and measure our impact with transparency. In fact, our 2019 progress is highlighted throughout this report.

We designed this site so that you can explore it with a smaller environmental footprint. You won’t see fancy graphics, videos, or even that many colors. But there’s one thing you will see: progress.


This year's site uses less energy thanks to a few small changes:

  • Everything’s been optimized for dark mode.
  • We’ve kept energy-intensive colors to a minimum.
  • We’re using a green web host.

These small adjustments mean that this site uses

less energy
than last year’s site.